About Us
Smart Eng Academy is a boutique institute that provides innovative, customized and rewarding English
language instruction to learners of all descriptions. Our methodology includes combining the material
of acclaimed course books with entertaining activities, multimedia and plenty of authentic
exposure. We teach learners to use their second language in real-life situations that are relevant
to their respective ambitions, whether academic or career oriented. Each course comes with a
syllabus furnished with an attainable list of learning objectives that can be customized through learner input.

We guarantee that the learning objectives will be met. If the learning objectives are not met by
the end of the course, we provide further necessary training at no extra cost. We also function
as a recruitment agency, supplying English and Chinese language instructors to academic institutions.
In addition, we offer in-center and in-company corporate training.

What is a boutique institute?
Smart Eng Academy is a boutique institute, meaning we provide customized services and cater to learners’
needs in ways that larger companies can’t. Learner input is not only valued, it is essential to the Smart Eng
methodology. Quality is our foremost concern.

Our Teachers
At Smart Eng Academy we provide productive and professional teachers who apply inventive and
enjoyable lessons to guide students toward reaching their language learning goals. Our instructors are
amiable and savvy, easy to approach and know how to make the classroom a stimulating environment.
It’s important that our students are comfortable, so their input is encouraged. Learners are often given
self discovery tasks - we feel that the students should be doing most of the talking!

We only hire native English speaking instructors who are mindful of how important it is to the learner that
the teacher speaks clearly and at an appropriate speed. Regardless of the learning environment, from large
classes to small corporate training sessions to private instruction at your home, our teachers use their
experience and creativity to help their students acquire the confidence and skills they are pursuing. We are
fully confident that we can deliver on this guarantee.