Our worksheets are tailor-made to complement listening and speaking based lessons. We never use
worksheets as a means to keep students quiet, but rather as a way to get them talking!

Games and Activities
Games get students involved and interested in lessons. Team competition compels them to learn.
Much of Smart Eng Academy’s methodology for making large classes manageable and effective
involves making the lessons fun!

Courses and Programs

General English
Our general English courses are fun, innovative and rewarding. We offer courses which combine course book
work with multimedia, entertaining activities, conversation forums and other types of authentic exposure
designed to allow learners to experience English as it is used in everyday life. Available course books
include Interchange (Cambridge) and New English File (Oxford). Writing classes are also available.


Low on grammar and high on speaking and listening, our conversation courses are always entertaining.
Despite the fun, students will find themselves using fundamental grammar before it is formally
introduced and taught. Available course books include: Real Listening and Speaking (Cambridge)
and Talk Time (Oxford).

English for Kids

Young learners need to be entertained when being educated, so we offer edutainment classes for kids and
teens. Games, video, music, images, drama and toys are elements incorporated into these courses.
Available course books for younger learners include: Let’s Go (Oxford), English Time (Oxford) and
American Shine

Private Tuition
Private tuition is available in-center, at your home, office or any other place of your choice. One to one lessons
are available, as well as classes for up to six learners. Our instructors work closely with their private students to
customize courses to meet their specific needs.

Business English
Authentic exposure to English is an integral part of our business English courses. We value learner input and
customize our courses to meet the specific needs of each class.

In-company courses have many advantages. There’s the convenience factor and the time and money saved
not commuting in the post-work traffic, but there are other benefits. Learning with your colleagues
provides you with the opportunity to practice English outside of the classroom and fellow learners are easily
consulted to discuss current lessons and homework assignments. The workplace also provides a great stage for
memorable lessons involving tours of the workplace and discussion of things you see and encounter every day.

Furthermore, the English being learned at work is English being used at work. This authenticates the
learning experience. Available course books include Basic Survival and Survival English (Macmillan),
International Express
(Oxford), Business Explorer (Cambridge) as well as specialized course books
such as Presentations in English, email English and Telephone English (Macmillan).

Exam Preparation Courses
We provide examination preparation courses for the IELTS and TOEIC examinations. While such courses are
often expected to be rigidly academic, we introduce innovative and entertaining methods of reaching
predetermined goals. Learners are evaluated through practice tests.

Available course books include: IELTS Foundation and IELTS Graduation (Macmillan) and
The Oxford preparation course for the TOEIC test

Specialized Courses
Specialized courses are available and most often fashioned for groups of colleagues who wish to study
together for a specific purpose.

Available course books include: Aviation English (Macmillan), Be My Guest (Cambridge),
(Oxford), Job-Hunting (Cambridge), Nursing (Oxford) and many others.